1998 Final Report of the West Valley Citizen Task Force

On July 29, 1998 the West Valley Citizen Task Force released a Final Report and submitted it to NYSERDA and DOE. The report was intended to provide direction and advice on the development of a preferred alternative.  The report sets forth the background, CTF policies and priorities, and CTF guidelines for the preferred alternative.

The report was a consensus document signed by the 16 original CTF members. Ten years later, seven of those individuals continued to serve as members or alternates. The group continues to use the Final Report as an expression of its desires for the clean up of the site.

Upcoming meeting information

The CTF will not hold a public meeting in July. The next meeting will be held September 22, 2021. For meeting information please visit the Meeting Information page.

Meeting Agenda will be posted in mid September. Please check back as this meeting is tentative.

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on the West Valley Citizen Task Force, please contact:

Bill Logue, Facilitator
West Valley Citizen Task Force
c/o The Logue Group
PO Box 270270
West Hartford, CT 06127-0270

Phone: 860.521.9122


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