Olean Times Herald – WVDP completes demolition of Load‐In Facility

March 24, 2022 – Demolition of the Load‐In Facility at the West Valley Demonstration Project (WVDP), the last ancillary support structure that surrounds the Main Plant Process Building, was recently completed.

This recent demolition brings the Department of Energy’s total number of structures removed at West Valley to 69.

DOE WVDP Director Bryan Bower commended the team for its work.

“The work of our team of dedicated employees continues to ready the site for the future demolition of the Main Plant Process Building, while reducing legacy risks at the site,” he said.

The 4,500‐square‐foot, two‐level building, which had been used for several purposes over the years, is no longer needed for EM’s cleanup. It is set to join the list of Main Plant ancillary structures already torn down, helping shrink the site’s cleanup footprint. Those six support structures were used for everything from reducing the size of waste for disposal to providing space for offices, utilities and laundry services. Link to article

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