Salamanca Press – Another high‐hazard cell deactivated at WVDP

September 15, 2022 – The Department of Energy (DOE) and its prime contractor at the West Valley Demonstration Project, completed the deactivation of the Ventilation Wash Room, which housed a ventilation “scrubber” that removed airborne particulates resulting from fuel reprocessing operations that ceased in 1972.

During deactivation, the scrubber was prepared for removal and will be removed during the future demolition of the Main Plant Process Building.

“The safe execution operations of this work is due to the combination of extensive planning, deliberate speed, and using worker feedback throughout the deactivation,” said Steve Bousquet Department of Energy federal project director for the demolition. “The WVDP team continues its strong commitment to safely protecting its workers, the public, and the environment while reducing legacy risks at the site.” Link to article

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