2018 Meeting Summaries

Listed below, with the most recent at the top, are links to summaries of CTF and Work Group meetings and conference calls in 2018.

Link to materials handed out at each meeting in 2018
(Link to Summaries and Materials from prior years.)
(Link to glossary of terms used in materials and summaries.)
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The summary of the January 24, 2018 West Valley Citizen Task Force meeting will be posted in mid-February. Please check back.

Upcoming meeting information

The next scheduled meeting of the Citizen Task Force will be January 24, 2018.

For meeting information please visit: http://westvalleyctf.org/meeting-information/

For more information

on the West Valley Citizen Task Force, please contact:

Bill Logue, Facilitator
West Valley Citizen Task Force
c/o The Logue Group
PO Box 270270
West Hartford, CT 06127-0270

Phone: 860.521.9122