Security Requirements and Prohibited Articles

  1. Be a U. S. citizen
  2. Have photo identification (Link to ID requirements)
  3. Not have any of the following prohibited articles:
  • Firearms, other dangerous or deadly weapons, explosives, incendiary and explosive devices
  • Privately-owned recording equipment consisting of audio, video, optical, or data to include cell phones with picture-taking capabilities
  • Privately-owned electronic equipment with a data exchange port capable of being connected to automated information system equipment and other data recording equipment
  • Privately-owned radio frequency transmitting equipment
  • Privately-owned computers, personal digital assistant (PDA), and associated media
  • Controlled substances including illegal drugs and associated paraphernalia not to include prescription medication
  • Any pepper spray or chemical mace product
  • Other items prohibited by law or considered detrimental to the site
Upcoming meeting information

The CTF will hold its June 22, 2022 . For meeting information please visit the Meeting Information page.

Meeting information and agenda will be posted several weeks prior to the meeting.

For more information

on the West Valley Citizen Task Force, please contact:

Bill Logue, Facilitator
West Valley Citizen Task Force
c/o The Logue Group
PO Box 270270
West Hartford, CT 06127-0270

Phone: 860.521.9122

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