Ashford Food Pantry appreciates the generous help from the community

December 29, 2022 — Springville Journal

As we start the new year, all of us at the Ashford Food Bank wish to express our heartfelt gratitude to all the organizations and individuals that were involved in helping us during the past year. We have seen a marked increased need for nutritional support for many families in our community during the pandemic.

We would like to thank the West Valley Fire Department, the West Valley Demonstration Project (CHBWV), Tops Market, Walmart, West Valley Central School, B&Q Energy and the many private donations from local churches and many very generous individuals.

So many have been instrumental in supporting our food pantry and helping us carry out our mission to help our neighbors in need. With your help we have been able to assist more than 90 families and provide over 10,200 meals.

You are all an inspiration. Thanks again from the Ashford Food Pantry.

Kris Aldrow, Ashford Food Pantry

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