Cision PR Newswire – New CEO Hire Enables Noah Technologies Chemicals Corp to be the Premier Customer-Centric Company

September 9, 2020 – As CEO of Noah Technologies, Mr. Hong’s objectives are to capitalize on the company’s existing relationships with world-class chemical clients by emphasizing scientific problem solving, outstanding quality, and exceptional customer service. Owner Sonya Blumenthal commented on her excitement about Mr. Hong’s appointment to CEO. “Jamie brings the right experience and skillset to take Noah

Technologies to the next level of innovation, quality and sustainable solutions. We look forward to having Mr. Hong build on our 40+ year foundation for the next 40+ years!” ….

… Noah Technologies has been a key partner in emerging environmentally beneficial technologies throughout its 43-year history. From the beginnings of vitrification technology in the disposal of nuclear waste at the West Valley Demonstration Project, to the modern-day use of synthetic zeolites to selectively capture radioactive cesium at the Fukushima power plant, Noah Technologies has been at the forefront of tackling major environmental endeavors. Link to Newswire

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