DOE EM Update – Crew Installs Protective Cover, Marking West Valley Demolition Project Milestone

March 5, 2019 –

 EM’s West Valley Demonstration Project (WVDP) Site has finished installing a protective cover over the Vitrification Facility site, signifying the end of physical work associated with the demolition project. 

The weather-shielding cover over the remaining concrete slab prevents water infiltration into the below-grade portion of the facility. 

The facility was a three-story, 10,700-square-foot structure made of steel, reinforced concrete, and metal siding. Its footprint was 133 feet long by 102 feet wide. It is one of two vitrification facilities to have operated in the U.S., and the first one to complete its mission. The teardown was completed in September. Link to Update

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