Energy Communities Alliance Update – 15 major EM contracts expiring in 2020

October 30, 2019 – Communities surrounding DOE sites are impacted in many ways whenever DOE begins a new contracting process. The approach to—and ultimate success of—these contracts is vital to the overall nuclear security and nuclear waste cleanup mission in the United States, the health and viability of the communities that host these sites, the strength of the future workforce, and the sustainability of businesses—both small and large—that take on these unique tasks. Contracts provide a basis for community members and Congress to gauge cleanup progress, which in turn can increase trust and confidence in the cleanup.

ECA communities at all of DOE’s sites continue to ask the Office of Environmental Management (EM) for regular briefings on the timing of the contracts. Each contract delay impacts the community and adds uncertainty for the workers, local governments and their budgets, and small businesses who may serve as subcontractors. ECA has advocated for contracts to include community engagement requirements, emphasize longer-term contracts (five years versus three years with two one-year options), and include community cleanup priorities clearly in the contract scope. Link to Update

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