Springville Journal – Ashford board adopts 2021 preliminary budget

September 17, 2020 – …. King also read a letter regarding the annual payment in lieu of taxes. The town has been allocated additional PILOT funds in the past and King urged the board to continue pushing to keep these additional funds to help the town and the residents.

“Senator [Cathy] Young said it like it is. If the intent of this supplement is only for one year and not annually, we have not gained a great deal of comfort. A lot of hard work has been put forth to get this state to recognize that the effect of their choice to take a large part of the Town of Ashford for the [West Valley] Demonstration Project has also put a large strain on the local taxpayers,” King said in the letter. “The State Legislators must realize that one time supplement will not ease our continued strain and this supplement must be an annual payment added to our existing PILOT and with future adjustments anticipated.” Link to article

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