Springville Journal – Ashford starts CodeRED Emergency Notification System

April 1, 2021 – The Town of Ashford has implemented a new safety precaution to help alert residents of emergency situations within the town. CodeRED, a high‐speed emergency mass notification service, has started to help keep people in the community informed of important situations within Ashford.

The CodeRED System can send emergency public safety messages and important public notifications to residents within Ashford. The town can send notifications to either all residents or just in a specific area of the town where an alert is needed.

… After hearing from residents that the town needed better communication, Pfeffer looked into ways to fix communication issues between the town and the residents. The town at the time also received $200,000 in regulatory and community support from the Department of Energy, which was to be used for things that would have an impact on the town because the Western New York Nuclear Service Center was there. With the funding, the town was able to purchase a five‐year subscription to CodeRED. Link to article

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