Springville Journal – Seneca Nation begins their Annual Earth Day Event at WVDP

May 12, 2022 – The Cattaraugus Creek Water Walkers and Onondowaga’ Water Protectors began this year’s Earth Day event at the West Valley Demonstration Project. This annual Earth Day event pays tribute to Mother Earth and brings attention to the importance of protecting the Cattaraugus Creek and Lake Erie watershed for future generations. The WVDP is an appropriate starting point due to its proximity to the Nation Territory and ongoing cleanup efforts to reduce environmental risks.

Walkers from the Seneca Nation, local community and visitors gathered to participate in a sunrise ceremony to kick‐off the event.

“Water is life,” Maria Maybee, Seneca Nation tribal member and event coordinator said. “It is so important to us as a people, as well as every living thing on Mother Earth. Each step taken today is a prayer for healing of the waters as we come together as one to protect our environment. This event reminds us that we only have one environment; and therefore, it is up to all of us to do our part in protecting it for future generations.” Link to article

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