Springville Journal – WVDP donates to local pantries with food drive

November 19, 2020 – With many people in the local community in need of food this holiday season, the workforce at the West Valley Demonstration Project did their part to help the families this winter. The WVDP hosted its annual food drive, donating food to nine food pantries across the area.

During this year’s food drive, food donations were given to the WVDP’s home pantry, the West Valley Food Pantry, along with food pantries in Little Valley, Ellicottville, Cattaraugus, Dayton, Delevan, Franklinville, Concord and Springville. With the food donations, monetary donations and inkind donations the pantries received because of the food drive, WVDP Facility Manager and Food Drive Coordinator Lettie Chilson said it was equivalent to 120,000 pounds of food donated this year. Link to article

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