West Valley Demonstration Project 

What’s Happening and Future Opportunities 

January 10, 2024 — The Villager

 For many WNY’ers, the West Valley Demonstration Project in Ashford has long been shrouded in mystery for locals, passersby, and nearby business owners; despite the perceived mystic, there’s been a lot happening there, and a lot more to happen in the future. At least one local company believes that local WNY businesses might be overlooking valuable opportunities to bid and engage in work at the site. 

American Demolition and Nuclear Decommissioning Inc., (dba: American DND) aims to alter this perception with a progressive “Community and Business Outreach” plan. American DND is sponsoring an introductory meet and greet and business networking event at the West Valley Volunteer Fire Department Banquet Hall, 9085 Route 240, West Valley, on Wednesday afternoon January 24, from 2-6 pm. Any Local WNY Businesses, Suppliers, and Contractors who are interested in learning more about the project and meeting with American DND Reps are invited to atend. American DND is an Ellicotville based Company which has been working at the WVDP site since 2011. (www.AmericanDND.com ). 

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