Olean Times Herald -WVDP continues prep for main plant demolition

January 8, 2022 – Workers continue to reduce risks and prepare to deactivate the Main Plant Process Building for what will be the West Valley Demonstration Project’s most complex demolition since crews knocked down the Vitrification Facility in 2018.

As part of the latest work, crews are removing a 26‐inch‐diameter ventilation duct that carried exhaust from past operations at the main plant. They are performing the work remotely to reduce exposure risk.

“The effort in the vent wash room involves extensive planning and deliberate execution to perform the work safely and compliantly,” said Steve Bousquet, EM WVDP deputy federal project director for the main plant. “The WVDP team continues to reduce legacy risks while protecting employees, the public and the environment.” Link to article

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